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Views or Business Object Views provide different visualization of Business Objects.

You can have a single view or combine multiple views into one view. For example you can have only a Table or you can have a Map next to a Status Dashboard

Note: The filters will be applied to all sub-views



As the Owner of a view, you can share it with others. You can share a view with your entire organization, individual users, or a group of users. When sharing a view, you can set a specific role for each user or group of users that you want to share a view with:

  • A Viewer can see and interact with the view but cannot change it.
  • An Editor can see and interact with the view and can also change it. If an editor changes a view, it will be changed for everyone else who also has access to this view.
  • An Owner is the original creator of a view and the only one who can change share settings and delete the View.


You can add a View to your Favourites by clicking on the start button.

When a View is added to Favourites it will be shown in the side menu.

You can reorder your Favourite Views by drag and drop in the side menu.