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Workflow Designer

:warning: The Workflow Designer has been officially deprecated. Support for applications built using the Workflow Desiger will stop in the future. For new applications, please use Flow Designer and UI Designer instead.


  • The revisions/drafts/history is a feature which allows you to update the Workflow without changing its published version. This allows you to work on the Workflow until you are done without worrying that you can break its published version which is used by other users.
  • The revisions are created automatically every time you update the Template. You can also create a new revision manually.
  • The revisions have two stats Published and Draft. There can be only one Published revision.
  • Every time you open a Workflow in the Workflow Designer the Latest revision is loaded.
  • The published revision is used when: Duplicating, running the Workflow, showing Workflow in Workflows table.

See Workflow Variables and Functions